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Robert Peterson is a freelance writer covering events in the Washington DC area. He has a passion for sports, finance and politics. He has been a lifelong fan of the game of baseball. He grew up playing the game but also gathering an appreciation for the history of the game as well as the sense of community that the game helps build. Rob considers himself an avid Nationals and Orioles fan as a resident of the Washington DC area. He is a big fan of all Washington teams regardless of how dreadful they sometimes or consistently are. He has a passion for Virginia Tech football and basketball and also catches George Mason on the court when he can. This blog may also be home to articles around freshwater aquariums as that is something else that Rob spends quite a bit of time working on. Lastly, with a baby coming soon expect to see some parenting “advice” columns that will likely read like “trust me, don’t do it this way….”

You can find more of Rob’s work by checking out this link:

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