Fish Update

So with finishing the masters degree, its given me a chance to focus some time on getting my fish tanks cleaned up and looking good. This will just be a quick update and later I will try to focus a post on each tank and the specifics.  I currently am maintaining the following:

150 Gallon Tank:  8  Vieja synspilum and 3 cichlasoma salvini cichlids along with two plecostomus



This guy is about 9-10 inches long just to put it in perspective

120 Gallon Tank: 20 breeding pairs of Kribensis


120 Gallon Tank: Male cichlid only tank

90 Gallon Tank: Silver dollars and Frontosa with Bristlenose plecos


75 Gallon Tank: Two breeding pairs of Angels

75 Gallon Tank: Hodgepodge of cichlids

75 Gallon Planted Tank: Angelfish, Severums, tetras, livebearers, corydoras



75 gallon planted pond outside on patio

50 Gallon Tank: Livebearers and grow out cichlids

40 Gallon Tank: Shell dwellers, Gold Tail Guppies, Cherry Shrimp

30 Gallon Tank at Office:  Gold Gouramis

5 Gallon Tank: Green Dragon Fantail bristlenose and Crystal Red Shrimp