THE NIGHT

      As it glides on silver wings
      Listen as the eagle sings
      The wolf cries out with a mournful sound
      The pines above, below the ground
      The dipper hangs in the cold dark sky
      The air is crisp, We dare to cry
      The journey saps our youthful strength
      There is respite if we sleep at length
      Nature calls us to her
      And shows us how to serve her
      We may listen, We may not
      Sometimes its all in what were taught
      I seek a peaceful life at best
      Somewhere to go so I may rest
      This world flies round oh so fast
      With people worried they’ll come in last
      I wish it were more like the night
      Slow and lovely, cold and bright
      What makes people worry so
      Run about, to go so low
      The world would be a better place
      If we all looked face to face
      The right to go from place to place
      And only leave a good trace
      The night closes in around me now
      Safe and sound on this great earth
      To teach and learn life’s many lessons
      Of the future, present, past
      We use them well from day to day
    To live and love in a grateful way

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