The low hills blend as one,

The farms fight the ever creep of civilization

The force sits in the middle of this

It flows from one to the other

In and Out

Back and Forth

This force is here for peace

To ensure an end

To stop the blood of centuries past

To be a wall, a fluid wall

Ever changing, ever challenging

Trying to force a start anew

But always on the ready

Vigilant to defend its own

Careful to bear its might

Each part knowing its role

Knowing the history, present and making the future bright

The smiles, the handshake, the music

The force brings these and more

As it sweeps through this land

The force controls what it can

Influences what it can’t control

And provides the needed peace

Woe be unto those that oppose

For action is swift, decisive

Sometimes bloody and cruel

But necessary


I wrote this while stationed in Kosovo on a peacekeeping tour while deployed for the Army.

A Kiss

A Kiss

Lips move in,

Slight hesitation

A look, a breath,

Twinkle in the eye,

Easy smile,

A burning inside

A flutter of the heart

Of the eyes

What can you do?

Drawn in….slipping

Feel the crash

Is it right?

Do you care?

Can you know?

Oh well,

Brain too slow,

Heart too fast,

Fingers intertwined

Lips move in

A kiss

So simple

So complicated

But a start

To what?

Something simple, something complicated

Life is wandering slowly

Easily taken

Hope is there

I know

I care

Lips move in

A Kiss

The Rail

The Rail

The Rail,

The soft giggle,

The booming laugh

The drinks flowing

Music in the background

Cell phones chirping

Playing songs,

Darts flying,

People stumble,



Stairs a nightmare,

Deja Cometh,

Tiff’s smile at the door,

Disco inferno spinning here,

Gyrations, dips and drops,

Smiles, handshakes,

Billiards in the corner,

Line to the restroom, so long,

Ladies in their sparkles,

Dances in the shadows,

Lasers from the ceiling,

Last call,

2 AM a blessing or a curse?


Avoid the dope room,

Hear the music a block away,

Beer pong on a deck,

People upside down,

Taxi home,

People passed out,

Waffle House at 4 AM,

Triple hashbrowns,

Home again,

Shower, Bed, Goodnight

This poem was inspired by an evening I lived in Savannah, GA.  There are two bars, The Rail and Deja Groove, involved and of course the ever favorite Waffle House.  Savannah is a great city to have a good time if you ever get the chance.



The Ladies

The Ladies

The air is alive

Can you feel it?

There’s a spark

So close to excitement

This place is abuzz

Pain, joy and a hope

A hope for the past

Yet they move on to the future

The show is amazing

The players all gather

The performance, so grand!!

These ladies show caring


Yet somehow, one group

They care for each other

The grace of these ladies

To take life in stride

Relying on the group

Pushing on alone

How much easier without us?

Yet how dull?

The tears,and the stress


Oh these ladies

And the men that torment them



The Horses

Let them run

They are so beautiful

So alive

The fluid motion

The easy grace

They are so nosy

Wanting what you have

Wanting more

Which makes you dig

Dig deep in your soul

Where the shadows lie

That’s where you find your true self

These animals

They yearn for your affection

They let you run

Run wild and free

Not with your feet but with your mind


Can go anywhere

Anywhere in the eyes

Of an animal

Try to see just what they see

And just how they see it

You should try it sometime


Might get lost

But these animals will bring you back

Back to the world that’s worth living

They are a gift to be treasured

Protect them

And let them run

Run where they see fit

This is why they are here

They are here to show

You and I

Just how


Being able to go

Go anywhere

Is to the soul

Never forget this

Lest you forget who




The Crow on the Cross

The Crow on the Cross

As the bird took flight

It was quite a sight

A black bird, A black heart

One that gave me a start

This call that it gave

Spoke of anger and remorse

The message it sent

To warn of its path

I know not what it said

But could feel the hoarse cry

As it pierced the warm air

Fear not what is done

For it will not change

The undone is the unknown

So take care in progressing

But press forth with your mission

For it is what makes you

Who you are

I caught this on the wind

As the bird flew on

The noble crow landed

Upon the cross

And became silent

The quiet was chilling

For it was unknown why the call stopped

But I realized it stopped

Because it felt peace

No more anger

No regret

But was this the crow or myself

This feeling of sweet relief

Of letting go

Those things that would bring unhappiness

All gone away

I sang to the sky

For the burden was gone

All that remained

Was a Crow on a Cross

The Hawk

The Hawk

Seen by many as a bird of prey

Deadly in so many ways

I feel that most see only this

And never realize what they miss

The beauty that surrounds this bird

Is best seen, and second heard

The grace with which it soars

The embolden spirit it explores

I watch it wing through the sky

To see a chance to go on high

Imagine what it might be like

To soar through clouds and out of sight

The view allowed from that great height

Is best described by the Sun’s bright light

I wish I could see what the hawk sees

Way up above the ground and trees

The chance to watch all other life

To know more than the rest

Gives us freedoms to look ahead

To make decisions well, not bad instead

The call also procures demand

That sweet, shrill sound shows how to stand

Stand out above the best

Open challenge in its voice

Daring the world to respond

Moving with the wind

Making the world take notice

Notice of its intent not to be silent

Emboldened to be itself

Fortitude to ride the air

Face the challenge

Open wings, Open talons

Fierce and proud

The Hawk

Dance the Dance

Dance the Dance

Why do the people cry out

So loudly, but in vain

The people needing help

For they know not but the pain

The lack of education

Keeping so many good people down

The money needed for books and chalk

Goes naught to teach, but to the town

The tests and scores show where money is

As those that fall and don’t get up

Have never seen need to rise, as sad as this is,

We need the balance in this world

Or we shall not advance

So raise the standards of our schools

So all can dance the dance

For when we keep good people down

We harm ourselves, for all should get their chance

I wish to see all people be anything they can

For what would you think of your life

If you had not had the chance

The chance that is given to you and I

The chance to dance the dance



I look into your eyes

I touch your soul

I find the doors to the walls

Those fortified walls to your heart

I ask nothing of you

I accept what I am given

I am a man

I can see your pain

I want to wash it all away

This brings out your smile

That radiant reflection

Of who you are

This is a confusing world

How to tell you how I feel

I do not know, I am in the dark

Your light is right at the end of my tunnel

Yet it seems so out of reach

I know not what love is

Yet if it is this feeling of helplessness

Of hope for the future

The burning in my chest

The tingling of my fingers

At your touch

You do not know

And maybe that is best

For to let you know

Is to let you in

And that scares me

Scares me beyond belief

No one gets close

No one gets hurt

No hurt, No pain

Just sorrow

These words pound out strong

Like the beating of my heart

And these words are erractic

Also like my heart

My words, My soul

I pour out upon

The pages of time

The tears that flow

Wash my pain

From my face

Buy my insides

Have no tears

To wash them

They burn on

Bright as the sun

This really is not painful

There is so much joy

I am happy

Your smile is my guide

To understand you

That is to be happy

You may never know

I may never tell

But you my lady

Are Special



                  THE NIGHT

      As it glides on silver wings
      Listen as the eagle sings
      The wolf cries out with a mournful sound
      The pines above, below the ground
      The dipper hangs in the cold dark sky
      The air is crisp, We dare to cry
      The journey saps our youthful strength
      There is respite if we sleep at length
      Nature calls us to her
      And shows us how to serve her
      We may listen, We may not
      Sometimes its all in what were taught
      I seek a peaceful life at best
      Somewhere to go so I may rest
      This world flies round oh so fast
      With people worried they’ll come in last
      I wish it were more like the night
      Slow and lovely, cold and bright
      What makes people worry so
      Run about, to go so low
      The world would be a better place
      If we all looked face to face
      The right to go from place to place
      And only leave a good trace
      The night closes in around me now
      Safe and sound on this great earth
      To teach and learn life’s many lessons
      Of the future, present, past
      We use them well from day to day
    To live and love in a grateful way