The Rail

The Rail

The Rail,

The soft giggle,

The booming laugh

The drinks flowing

Music in the background

Cell phones chirping

Playing songs,

Darts flying,

People stumble,



Stairs a nightmare,

Deja Cometh,

Tiff’s smile at the door,

Disco inferno spinning here,

Gyrations, dips and drops,

Smiles, handshakes,

Billiards in the corner,

Line to the restroom, so long,

Ladies in their sparkles,

Dances in the shadows,

Lasers from the ceiling,

Last call,

2 AM a blessing or a curse?


Avoid the dope room,

Hear the music a block away,

Beer pong on a deck,

People upside down,

Taxi home,

People passed out,

Waffle House at 4 AM,

Triple hashbrowns,

Home again,

Shower, Bed, Goodnight

This poem was inspired by an evening I lived in Savannah, GA.  There are two bars, The Rail and Deja Groove, involved and of course the ever favorite Waffle House.  Savannah is a great city to have a good time if you ever get the chance.



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