The Horses

Let them run

They are so beautiful

So alive

The fluid motion

The easy grace

They are so nosy

Wanting what you have

Wanting more

Which makes you dig

Dig deep in your soul

Where the shadows lie

That’s where you find your true self

These animals

They yearn for your affection

They let you run

Run wild and free

Not with your feet but with your mind


Can go anywhere

Anywhere in the eyes

Of an animal

Try to see just what they see

And just how they see it

You should try it sometime


Might get lost

But these animals will bring you back

Back to the world that’s worth living

They are a gift to be treasured

Protect them

And let them run

Run where they see fit

This is why they are here

They are here to show

You and I

Just how


Being able to go

Go anywhere

Is to the soul

Never forget this

Lest you forget who