The Crow on the Cross

The Crow on the Cross

As the bird took flight

It was quite a sight

A black bird, A black heart

One that gave me a start

This call that it gave

Spoke of anger and remorse

The message it sent

To warn of its path

I know not what it said

But could feel the hoarse cry

As it pierced the warm air

Fear not what is done

For it will not change

The undone is the unknown

So take care in progressing

But press forth with your mission

For it is what makes you

Who you are

I caught this on the wind

As the bird flew on

The noble crow landed

Upon the cross

And became silent

The quiet was chilling

For it was unknown why the call stopped

But I realized it stopped

Because it felt peace

No more anger

No regret

But was this the crow or myself

This feeling of sweet relief

Of letting go

Those things that would bring unhappiness

All gone away

I sang to the sky

For the burden was gone

All that remained

Was a Crow on a Cross