The low hills blend as one,

The farms fight the ever creep of civilization

The force sits in the middle of this

It flows from one to the other

In and Out

Back and Forth

This force is here for peace

To ensure an end

To stop the blood of centuries past

To be a wall, a fluid wall

Ever changing, ever challenging

Trying to force a start anew

But always on the ready

Vigilant to defend its own

Careful to bear its might

Each part knowing its role

Knowing the history, present and making the future bright

The smiles, the handshake, the music

The force brings these and more

As it sweeps through this land

The force controls what it can

Influences what it can’t control

And provides the needed peace

Woe be unto those that oppose

For action is swift, decisive

Sometimes bloody and cruel

But necessary


I wrote this while stationed in Kosovo on a peacekeeping tour while deployed for the Army.