The Hawk

The Hawk

Seen by many as a bird of prey

Deadly in so many ways

I feel that most see only this

And never realize what they miss

The beauty that surrounds this bird

Is best seen, and second heard

The grace with which it soars

The embolden spirit it explores

I watch it wing through the sky

To see a chance to go on high

Imagine what it might be like

To soar through clouds and out of sight

The view allowed from that great height

Is best described by the Sun’s bright light

I wish I could see what the hawk sees

Way up above the ground and trees

The chance to watch all other life

To know more than the rest

Gives us freedoms to look ahead

To make decisions well, not bad instead

The call also procures demand

That sweet, shrill sound shows how to stand

Stand out above the best

Open challenge in its voice

Daring the world to respond

Moving with the wind

Making the world take notice

Notice of its intent not to be silent

Emboldened to be itself

Fortitude to ride the air

Face the challenge

Open wings, Open talons

Fierce and proud

The Hawk